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Interracial Swingers Anyone?

OK lets face it, anyone who is anyone that has been secluded to their own race fantasizes about another, bottom line! That’s one reason I love SwingLifeStyle they have the largest selection online period. No I am not writing this post to sponsor but to lay fact (and get laid) about interracial swingers.

For me it started out very young, I remember I was 18 and I had a friend who was African American and had a hot ebony girlfriend with a nice booty. Now he would talk about her all the time, and I would brag about my girlfriend, one day, as I often do, I spoke my mind and said hey lets trade girlfriends for a night. He thought about it and he had not been with a white girl and I had not been with an ebony goddess either. So the fun began, I was charming enough to talk my girlfriend into it while we went up camping. So like any other camping trip, we started to drink and get a little tipsy. Without getting into too much detail we had a blast, I mean I was so good I even called my own name out, at least twice. She was getting religious on me saying “Oh God”, while she was on her knees, very nice. An experience I will never forget and every girlfriend I had since then became a swinger and turned more tricks than a fruity F$%kin rabbit, (joking) awe. But seriously I don’t think there is a race that I haven’t cum across yet, or ON for that matter.

Not everyone gets to indulge in their fantasies, but you can. If you are a couple in the swinging lifestyle or thinking about it, you may want to consider an interracial swap. For me I like the sexy contrast of black and white, the contours are just overwhelming. I read somewhere that men and women often fantasize but are afraid to go through with it. Whether they are apprehensive about meeting someone in public or other.

Wife Likes It

This is why it is so good to meet online for an interracial swap.  Me on the other hand I do not discriminate, If it has 2 legs, human (female) and not an animal, Mike will aim to please. I have enjoyed several interracial full swaps, I highly recommend it to anyone looking to ad spice or try something new. No matter who you are, black or white, yellow or red or blue, there is always someone in your family that is racist, so that taboo sticks in the back of your head.

This is something you need to get past or you are missing the best things in life.  If you dare to indulge in this taboo, you will find yourself getting fully aroused with the color contours. Me, I personally like watching the in and out of my vanilla dipstick getting dipped into some delicious chocolate.  And what better surprise than watching something white come out of something black?  For the wives out there, just think about your fantasy, focus on that thought, and indulge. Before you make the plunge I may recommend reading some erotic interracial sex stories. If I am alone and reading these stories it makes me want to pour alcohol on my hand, get it drunk and take advantage of it later, these stories are that good! I would like to say that when it comes to sex it doesn’t matter if they can not speak your language, or can’t speak. I say its always better to do the talking with your hips and not your lips.


Queen of spades courtesy

OK several have written in to good ole Mike and asked this, I have a solution and an answer. White women that make their presence known on interracial sex will sport a queen of spades tattoo. She may actually wear queen of spades jewelry, like an ankle bracelet or necklace.

Some of Mikes favorite friends have an interracial blog which I have given a link to but not to the main blog, you will have to navigate to get there. I did not give the full link because it is not safe for work.  Enjoy Here: Interracial Blog

If you want to start your interracial swinging, then I recommend you click the banner




Interracial SexLooking for real interracial sex stories? Did you know that SwingLifeStyle keeps a huge database of interracial sex stories? The stories are written by real SLS members and some are based on their real experiences. Below are the top 4 stories from SLS which you can click to read and also a complete list at the bottom of the article. A Long Weekend In Lauderdale Threesome(mmf), Interracial This all happened a few years ago while on a long weekend get away to Ft Lauderdale. We booked a beautiful ocean view