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SwingLifeStyle Still Concerned Over Japan Nuclear Crisis

Japan Earthquake Aftermath

OK I wanted to get a little personal and talk about Japan here for a bit. As you know Swinglifestyle has donated $10,000 to Japan relief efforts but I want to tell each and every one of you that their turmoil is not yet over. It seems that we as a country are too quick to jump on to the next news or media hype, much like you are reading my post and latching on to every word I write. Fact is, the people in Japan are still suffering and I am asking every swinger and non swinger to please donate. In times of need we need to forget our differences and lean on each other.

It seems like when the earthquake hit Indonesia we watched in awe, then a few weeks later it was on to the gas prices. Makes you wonder if these incidents are man made? Work with me, gas prices go up, then all of a sudden, look this way Osama is dead. Or gas prices go up, look this way ANOTHER earthquake. OK forget the conspiracy theory but I will say this, Swinglifestyle has donated to so many relief causes ranging from hurricane Katrina, to Haiti, and even recently to Japan. I am asking swingers to make a small donation to the cause and also give thanks for Swinglifestyle for caring. Swinglifestyle actually cares about people and from what I gather the owners are humanists, and extremely altruistic.

Since I have started writing for swinglifestyle I have found out so many good things about the site and what they do that just amazes me. There is no other swinger site that I know of that even donates a penny to causes like this. Swinglifestyle is a free site, and I remember they had a button to donate to Red Cross at one time.  I know several of you wanted to hear a funny joke or a line, but I had to refrain and take a step back because the Japan nuclear situation is not over. Have you recently googled the Japan nuclear incident? Scary that it is still going on and people are worried.

I hope you pass this post to your friends or whomever, and remember we are all humans and everybody could use a friend.