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Swingers Busted In St Louis Missouri

Here we go again, consenting adult swingers once again get busted because of a loophole in the law and politicians wanting to execute their views on others. Apparently 2 adults are looking at charges of indecency after supposedly being exposed in a bar? St. Louis come on now, I mean really?

St Louis Swingers busted (courtesy kmov news)

Listen to this, police received an anonymous letter that alleged Red 7 Club was hosting a party for swingers. I would like to interject right here and say everyone at this bar was at least 21. Anyway, police busted them on a technicality apparently. Swinging is not illegal but it is usually illegal in all states to perform sex acts on liquor based premises. By doing this the liquor control board gets to intervene as well.

Apparently the police issued a summons and complaint to the club’s manager and a patron.
Bottom line no matter what you think about swinging, you need to make sure you have your ducks in a row when throwing a swinger party. I want everyone to get all your liquor license, or have a byob, or make sure to throw it at a home. Local powers that be, especially around election time, try and become self righteous and tell you what you can and can not do. Do Mike a favor fellow swingers, do not give them an excuses, take away all their excuses.

When throwing a swinger party make the following checklist.

#1 If you are having liquor at a liquor based premise, you need to check your local laws or maybe rent a Hotel/takeover rooms etc. – also check the Hotel do and don’t. i rented a couple of penthouses and was planning on bringing alcohol and hiring a bartender to pour and sell my booze. Well this hotel was not OK with it and did not us selling, and they threatened to call the cops because we were on the penthouse and a neighboring building seen us nude.

alcohol pic courtesy allaboutaddiction

#2 Always have a way out for your patrons, good ole Mike use to throw some parties here last year, and if the lights came on, that meant the popo, the 5.0 police etc. were there. Luckily we never needed the lights on.

#3 If you have a BYOB or want to charge to compensate for a party, check in to all local laws, and trust me, you may get caught. I am sure the people that threw the party that was busted in St. Louis were not expecting to get caught.

In closing, have fun swinging, be safe and make sure if you throw a party, think and re-think every scenario, because it might be your parry being busted next.

I have included tips and themes for your next get together here: SWINGER PARTY

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