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Using Toys at Playtime? Here are a few Cleaning and Safety Tips

toys at playtime

While spreading the love is the goal of a play party or other it is important to properly clean your toys at playtime; before and after would be recommended just to make sure your love items are properly cleaned before the fun begin. Unfortunately, as sexy as using toys at a swingers party can be, they do present a challenge concerning sanitation and cleanliness when multiple partners are involved. Besides using a fresh condom for each partner using the toy, you should take time to clean the toys at playtime and after playtime ends with these easy tips.

1. Look for Any Surface Cracks—Cracks will happen in time on sex toys regardless of whether you are swinging solo or with friends. These increase the risk of infection, and broken toys should be discarded immediately.

2. Wash Toys Before Use—Even while sitting in the drawer waiting for the next play party, sex toys can get a bit dingy and dusty. So, even before use it is a good idea to use water and soap with a neutral pH to remove any residue.

3. After Play Cleaning Tips—The material of your toys and the texture will alter how they must be cleaned to some extent. Some modern toys are waterproof and can be put in the dishwasher, which will sanitize them thoroughly. However, you might need to use a small brush to get any goo out of small areas of certain toys. Again, using condoms can prevent this type of residual buildup. In any situation, we recommend using a cleaner designed for sex toys to ensure the utmost safety.

4. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals—Solutions such as chlorhexidine and isopropyl alcohol can actually cause damage to certain materials and shouldn’t be used. Remember, these devices go in your most tender places!

Following these tips, you should be able to safely and confidently enjoy using sex toys at lifestyle events or when you’re swinging at home with friends.

toys at playtime


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