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Flip Flopping Swayers: Students of the Swingers Lifestyle


While swinging on a swing set, one propels themselves back and forth across a starting point axis. However, swaying is when one only moves gradually across that same threshold, only to return to the axis point as the motion ceases. The latter is the methodology of individuals known amid the swinging lifestyle as ‘flip-floppers’ or more commonly, ‘swayers.’

Swayers are typically ‘vanilla’ but may dabble with soft swapping types of experiences on special occasions or as they feel the inclination to sway across their normal sexual boundaries for a short period. Many simply want to ‘test drive’ the lifestyle by trying it out to see if it’s a good fit for their relationship or personal interests. Here are some potential benefits and drawbacks of swaying rather than full-on swinging.

Practical Benefits of Swaying

Those unfamiliar with the swingers lifestyle may want to be a part of this sex-positive community without dealing with some complications that can accompany being a newbie or being a full-timer. Some consider swaying to be a hall pass to explore the swinging lifestyle without committing for couples seeking some extracurricular fun intermittently. Essentially, by keeping playtime limited to soft-swaps or even on a voyeuristic level is an option for couples not looking to share partners regularly. It’s also viable for those who want to avoid jealous tendencies that can accompany full-on partner swapping.

The Potential Drawbacks of Swaying

Being a dabbler can have its hangups, too, as swayers are often poorly prepared to handle the strong communication efforts required for successful sexual exploits with people outside the relationship. And swingers know that just one misunderstanding can lead to months of arguments and even result in broken relationships. Another challenge swayers face is a certain level of hesitancy from full-on lifestyle participants, as many don’t want to be teased or led on by part-timers seeking to selfishly only spice up their own sex life.

Case in point, it’s okay to sway, just be sure to communicate to potential playmates your level of interest and any ‘rules’ you’ve set up before even trying to meet up. Many swayers often discover other swingers that are very open to soft play, especially to new lifestyle explorers and students seeking to learn.


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