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About Florida Swingers

Florida swingers

Did you know that there are so many Florida Swingers that maybe 50-60% of the state could be swingers? OK maybe not that many but Florida is host to the most swinger parties, and clubs around. Maybe it is because the weather is nice year round or maybe it’s because Mike Hatcher throws some pretty naughty parties, and samples the goods.

Swingers In Florida have been going strong for many years, and several snow birds use it as an excuse to their family as a vacation. Some say “well we are going to Florida for the attractions and rides”. Yeah right, the only rides they are talking about are the missionary express, or the beloved St Andrews Cross.  One thing I have admired about the St. Andrews Cross is that it sounds so religious and innocent.

Some people may come for the deep sea fishing, or Florida attractions. But when the weather heats up, it’s like mating season. Your typical husband and wife hit the nude beach in Hallandale and feel naughty being there. Alcohol starts flowing, conversations get hot and heavy and before you know it you are at a local swinger club.

Swingers Cruise in the News

Or better yet If you are visiting Tampa, you may end up at one of Mike Hatchers favorite clubs or resorts like Caliente. Tampa also has a huge swinger following, and multiple swinger friendly resorts. If you want to book an all inclusive adult vacation I recommend TopLess Travel.

Here’s some advice for snow birds or anyone visiting Florida. Make sure to  tell your friends and family you are coming for the attractions lol, and try to hide the fact that you want to join in the fun in the sun. My motto is “ If you got it, flaunt it” – Mike Hatcher

In Closing, If you are a vanilla and actually visiting Florida for non adult attractions and don’t know swinger terminology, here are some words of advice.

  1. Swinger Club is not a Swing Dance club
  2. If a club says “Hole in the wall welcome”, this is not a golf course but something definitely comes in and out of the hole.
  3. The Billboard in Florida that says your wife is hot, is not referring to a “Hot wife”, but is an actual air conditioning advertisement.
  4. Balls Deep is not really a bowling term, so please be advised.
  5. Bukkake is not Japanese for Buffet, although some women may consider it a delicacy.
  6. Switch Hitter has nothing to do with Baseball, but if you are Bi, you might be able to hit a home run with this.
  7. A Florida Facial has nothing to do with a Salon, although I’m sure some massage parlors will accept one though.
  8. A Pearl Necklace has nothing to do with the pearls from oysters, even though Florida is by the beach.

I hope this advice helps anyone not in the lifestyle that is looking to take part with Swingers in Florida. Remember, “There is a perverted side to every situation, and the challenge is to find it” – Mike Hatcher