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Bisexual Women

The topic of bisexuality is very interesting and quite difficult for some people to grasp. This is why we feel it is important that we clear up some of the confusion. There is some form of stigma associated with bisexual … Continue reading

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Threesomes Adding Spice and Variety to Your Relationship

One of the fastest and most intriguing ways to spice up an existing relationship is to explore the possibility of a threesome. A third partner can change the chemistry between you and your partner if things have gotten a bit … Continue reading

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Shocking Bisexual Survey

It may come as no surprise that bisexuality has been increasing among women for the past decade. The Center for Disease Control, (CDC) while conducting surveys found that 4% of women had bisexual experiences in 2002. A government survey of … Continue reading

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Bisexual Stories, A Mans First Time.

If you have not read any bisexual stories on SwingLifeStyle you are letting some of the best things in life pass you BI. SwingLifeStyle has thousands of sex stories, but I am talking about Bisexual stories. It seems the trend … Continue reading

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Are Batman And Robin Gay? Or Bisexual?

Honestly if he is a caped, or should I say closet crusader, by all means come out, we’re behind you on this one. I mean think about it, Batman lives with Robin, two men living together in a mansion, wearing … Continue reading

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