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Bisexual Women

Bisexual Women

The topic of bisexuality is very interesting and quite difficult for some people to grasp. This is why we feel it is important that we clear up some of the confusion. There is some form of stigma associated with bisexual people around the world. No matter how people react about the word bisexual, it actually means when a person is openly attracted emotionally and sexually to the same gender and remains attracted to the opposite gender.

Well, this information may not be for someone who is shocked by the mere mention of the word “bisexuality’. But if you are reading this, it means that you are keen on your personal development and want to discover exciting new things that come with dating, sexuality and relationships.

Due to society’s inflicted fear of one’s sexuality, even people who might be curious about the lifestyle might shy away from it. Then again, even most openly bisexual women may deny that they are actually bisexual because of some level of miscommunication in our society. Unless a bisexual girl is highly self-conscious and secure, she is likely to deny that she is bisexual in any way. However, if you ask that same woman whether she feels attracted to girls in any way or whether if she is attracted to girls in any way, or if has ever kissed a fellow woman, you will be surprised that she will openly say “yes’. This form of miscommunication is what we need to really clear up.

Attraction can be of different degrees. For instance, it might comprise the wish to kiss/caress another woman if an opportunity crops up. Take a chance and see if that is something you like. Some people are normally scared of doing such things because of societal misconceptions and end up having lifetime fantasies about such incidents.

Obviously, they would want their dream to come true, but perhaps their courage lets them down. In our daily lives, when the chance crops up, women will do certain things that seem bisexual for a lot of men. For girls, it is the natural way they feel about each other.

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