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Are Batman And Robin Gay? Or Bisexual?


Honestly if he is a caped, or should I say closet crusader, by all means come out, we’re behind you on this one.
I mean think about it, Batman lives with Robin, two men living together in a mansion, wearing masks and dressing up in spandex while living double lives? The comic which was released around 60 years ago, showed signs of the caped crusaders alter ego.

Then all of a sudden we have to introduce bat girl as a cover for Bruce Wayne, and lets not forget Vicki Vale right?

I say if you are bisexual that’s fine, Batman may want to mix it up or play out his fantasies with Boy Wonder……..hmm that’s funny Boy Wonder.

They talk dirty too, for instance, ”C’mon Robin, slide down the Bat Pole.

What About this scene from the comic series?

Even in the new Batman movie with Christian Bale, I find it odd that he changes his voice and talks like he is clearing his throat, while confronting the joker.

I think maybe, just maybe if Batman is gay he is trying to put on a front because he is attracted to Heath Ledger. Maybe he is clearing his throat because he is nervous, like a nervous attraction? Gay, straight or bisexual, that is the beautiful thing about SwingLifeStyle, the site does not judge anyone and is friendly to all. Life is too short so live it up, and we are behind you 100% (not literally though) to help you…

Start Your Sexual Revolution.

Mark Begelman