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3D Swingers Movie Beats James Cameron’s Avatar Blockbuster

courtesy filmsmash

Yes It’s true, In Hong Kong the 3D porn movie “Extreme Ecstasy” raked in 2.78 million Hong Kong dollars, while James Cameron’s Avatar made 2.63 million Hong Kong dollars on its opening day.  The plot of this movie is truly romantic, set in the Ming Dynasty around a man that wants his ex wife back. Well this man does what any man would do, apparently the film goes over some steamy orgies, swinger scenes and monkeys on trampolines?

courtesy techfever

OK the porn I get, the swingers and orgies oh heck yeah lets watch, but monkeys? The Hong Kong film company plans to distribute 3D porn in America and try and capitalize on the growing 3D trend. I just hope I don’t happen to be in a theater with motion control and water spraying on my face like Shrek at Disneyland. Sure its great when you get water sprayed in the face, but if I see a girl squirt onscreen and get sprayed on, or with a guy and water sprayed……well I don’t know if I am down with that. This might be more fun than Gallagher in one of his routines.

In closing this movie sounds like it will be great and hope to see more 3D porn offerings in the future from geniuses in the Hong Kong film industry. The original story can be viewed at cnetnews.

Enjoy this short trailer.