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Is Your Wife Bisexual?

bisexual wife

Bisexuality is a good thing. In fact, it’s is a great thing, especially if your wife is one. This is because a bisexual wife is bound to help give meaning to your marriage, meaning that you can always spice up your sex life, strengthen your marriage and prevent infidelity.

Ability to spice up your sex life: No matter how much deeply in love or connected you feel towards your spouse, after a while, your sex life may become dull. The best way to look at it is; your spouse is your favorite dish but, every once in a while, you would like to try out something else. As such, if your wife likes other women, it could be a plus for the both of you as you can both be turned on by the idea of seeing each other with other people, being sexually satisfied and having your sexual fantasies realized.

Assurance that there’s no cheating involved:

When sex gets boring, many couples opt to get out there and find casual sex partners. Many a times, these casual relationships end up destroying very good marriages. However, if your wife is bisexual, the need to see other people in secret will be reduced for she will be free to see other girls while allowing you to have relations with them as well.

Ability to strengthen your marriage:

With your wife being bisexual and open to swinging, you can create a stronger foundation for your marriage. This is based on the fact that the reason why most couples separate is due to infidelity. Thus, if you want to build a stronger marriage, you should be open to a sexually dynamic sex life; swingers’ parties.

In essence, every woman has a little bit of bisexuality in her.:

This can be witnessed by the way girls like spending time together, admiring each other, giving compliments and at times, flirting. So, if you feel that your wife is 100% straight, but would like her to be bisexual, then this shouldn’t be much of a problem. However, you have to gradually introduce her into this lifestyle so that you don’t scare her off.

First, you should introduce her to erotic bisexual stories to see how she responds. Such stories are likely to invoke interest in her as they’ll give her a chance to visualize the sceneries hence prompting her to put a face to the characters in the stories, probably the faces of girls she already knows. With time, you can start watching bisexual porn together. In no time, she will bring up the question whether you would like to see her on a girl-on-girl action. To get her comfortable, you can begin by asking her to choose a girl instead of you choosing one. Then, from a three some, you can work your way up to swinging, maybe with another couple, and later on, join a swingers website, where you’ll be able to meet other couples.

At the end of the day, what really matters is that, if your wife is bisexual, you can enjoy her sexuality to the fullest and just in case she isn’t, yet, you can easily bring it out of her.