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Happy Birthday To Larry Flynt

Swinger News - Happy Birthday To Larry Flynt

Today, November 1, 2012 marks Larry Flynt’s 70th birthday and I wish him the best. As some of my loyal readers may already know, Larry Flynt is one of Mike Hatchers personal heroes.  Larry is one of the world’s most popular publishers of adult magazines and known to be an advocate of civil liberties. He gained his popularity when he had his first published controversial flagship magazine, the Hustler. Since the release of Hustler, a lot of controversies have been associated to him, but apparently he was able to overcomeRead More

Swingers Convention – Vegas Exchange

Swingers Convention

For those that have never been to a swinger’s convention, you are totally missing out. I have gone to a few hotel take overs, small by most standards but nothing compares to Vegas Exchange swingers convention happening on August 7-11, 2013. With over 3000 swingers participating you cannot afford to miss this event, especially because it is an invasion of the Palms Hotel & Resort In Las Vegas. Vegas Exchange Convention Night-Themed Events Are you looking for something more to do than playing in world class casinos and luxurious hotelsRead More