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Swingers Convention – Vegas Exchange

Swingers Convention

Swingers Convention For those that have never been to a swinger’s convention, you are totally missing out. I have gone to a few hotel take overs, small by most standards but nothing compares to Vegas Exchange swingers convention happening on August 7-11, 2013. With over 3000 swingers participating you cannot afford to miss this event, especially because it is an invasion of the Palms Hotel & Resort In Las Vegas.

Vegas Exchange Convention Night-Themed Events

Are you looking for something more to do than playing in world class casinos and luxurious hotels in the marvelous city of Las Vegas? The Vegas Exchange offers you a once in a lifetime experience as they gather the world’s most talented and finest entertainers and performers and give you entertainment like no other. In August 2013, Vegas Exchange will draw in many visitors and spectators from all over the world due to its spectacular nightly themed events. There are a lot of things to enjoy in these Vegas Exchange convention events that will keep you awake and your energy pumping.

There are various events and parties to enjoy so you don’t get bored with one particular event. Examples of these night themed events to be hosted are:

The Casino Royale

Swingers Convention Enjoy the Vegas experience in this themed event that showcases the spirit of Las Vegas – care free excitement and the ever beating fun. The convention’s “Welcome to Sin City” event is sure to give you a good start as you hang around other fellow conventioneers in this once in a lifetime event. Spectacular shows, cocktails and a nightlife that goes on until dawn – the Casino Royale will definitely keep you wanting.

The Moroccan Interlude

Ever had a fantastic Moroccan experience in the heart of Las Vegas? The Moroccan Interlude convention offers you the delighting encounter with both. Starting with a cocktail hour, the convention goes on to entertaining shows such as very beautiful and seductive girls from their very own harem and amazing snake charmers, as well as alluring musical artists that will astonish you with their very own variety of music.

The Bond Party

Swingers Convention The world’s most famous spy comes to Las Vegas in this convention that will surely give you a ton of fun and excitement. At the Bond Party, you can suit up as a favorite Bond character (from a huge selection of James Bond’s movies like Goldfinger, SkyFall, The World is Not Enough, etc…) and get ready for a wild party ride like no other!

The Venetian Carnavale

A convention that showcases the amazing spirit of the City of Love, the Venice Carnaval promises to give you the time of your life. This amazing convention reflects on the city’s atmosphere of love, romance and lust. Starting with a special backstage pass to meet the world class artists and entertainers, the convention will go on to showcase awe-inspiring performances and events, and the Fire & Ice Grand finale will surely leave a mark on your memory that will last forever.

It is not just the events that are to be celebrated here. You will be booked in Las Vegas’ finest hotel that offers world class service and accommodation, The Palms Casino Resort. The Palms has become very famous with a lot of actors and celebrities for its luxurious and extravagant atmosphere.

You are promised an amazing experience that will keep you coming back; these Vegas Exchange convention night-themed events have the best places, the finest entertainers and the wildest parties that will make your heart pumping all night long!

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