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swingers from the 70's
Swing Offbeat - Swingers Of Yesterday
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For the people that are not aware of what swinging was like many years ago, let me say it was pretty hard to connect with someone.  For example, many years ago before the internet, swingers could only place ads in a swinger magazine or go to a swinger club.

As with today, some couples did not want to go to a swinger club and wanted to be discreet, this was the purpose behind the swinger magazines. These magazines were found at adult bookstores and a couple would purchase one and then place an ad. Some of these magazines were monthly distributions, so you can see it would take a while to get a response. Even though this was extremely time consuming, couples would wait patiently to either get a response or contact someone via phone (rotary phone) from a couple or single person they deemed appealing.

Back in the 70’s a couples form of pornographic entertainment was that of 8 track players and records of swingers in an orgy. Think I am joking? view some of the pictures in this blog. There was a time before VHS, and of course streaming and DVD, that porn was erotic in the form of listening. These 8 tracks were considered dirty and perverted, and some swingers would play these at their swinger parties.

Swing Offbeat - Swingers Of Yesterday
swingers from the 70’s

Think for a moment……. with our current technology, smart phones allow you to access swinger websites on the fly.  Could you imagine waiting a month for an advertisement to come out? The advent of the internet has made it extremely easy and quick to find and hook up with someone. Since it has become so easy online, more and more people are becoming more picky in who they want to sleep with. Before the internet, sex was the appealing aspect of swinging and still is. However since times have changed it seems more and more couples are looking too critically at other peoples looks, personality and everything else. Although this is not a bad idea, it still is funny to me that people say “we can’t find anyone to connect with”, in this response I say, “do you think maybe your standards are to high”?

Swing Offbeat - Swingers Of Yesterday
yesterday swingers

Both the above aforementioned can make a great debate no matter what you agree with. My point is that although technology has made it easier to hook up with couples and we are becoming more picky. History has shown a steady increase of curiosity in the Lifestyle, magazines of yesteryear and current magazines have paved the way. These swinger magazines were mainly about advertisements, but a newer magazine called LifeStyle Magazine is chocked full of articles for people in the Lifestyle. Gone are the days of ads, but new swingers and veterans like to take this magazine with them on the road as it showcases club listings in the US.

I grew up in Seattle, great town and open to several sexual fetishes, including swinging. A popular read there was a swingers magazine called “For Play”. This magazine was popular at the local sex stores and also throughout place in Canada and generally the Pacific Northwest. This Glossy magazine of 104 pages showcased Swingers personal ads from all over Western Washington.

Swing Offbeat - Swingers Of Yesterday
for play

Also editors corner, swing news, NW swing clubs, humor, and personal ads from men, well-endowed men, photographers, transvestites/transsexuals, bondage, and models. A rich view of the Pacific Northwest Swinger’s scene. Astrology, Canada news, Oregon Glory Hole, Lubricants article, and more. Illustrated with nude b/w photographs. This magazine was a bit ahead of its time, as it showcased transsexuals in the early nineties.

If you lived in Ohio, swingers were very popular in the late 70’s and 80’s, a popular magazine was Ohio Connection. This Magazine of 104 pages, including covers showcased intriguing interviews with Dennis Gorges of Loving Couples about the practices of his group, including a description of their approach to birth control and VD. Plus personal ads, astrology, letters, club listings, etc. Illustrated with b/w nude photographs.

Swing Offbeat - Swingers Of Yesterday
ohio swingers


In closing, before you say, “you can’t find ANYONE online” remember this, there was a time when swingers could only find 1 couple per month, and then they may not like that particular couple either. Sleep comfortably knowing that sites like SwingLifeStyle have more members and it is simple to meet a couple that you would like to play with.

If you would like a swinger magazine and upset because almost all are out of print, no worries, LifeStyle Magazine is a free magazine and you can get your free copy mailed to you discreetly.


LifeStyle Magazine is the last of the best swinger magazines out there, and I would highly recommend picking one up, my motto is “If it’s free It’s for me!” Although it is a quarterly publication, it contains valuable information you don’t want to miss.


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