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Animals That Are Swingers

Swing Offbeat - Animals That Are Swingers
Lemur Swinger (courtesy livescience)

As time progresses we fellow swingers hear time and time again that what we believe in, practice and preach is all wrong from at least someone. These people that tell us this are the same ones that think it is ok for nature to be swingers though.

Did you know that there are at least 10 different swingers in the animal kingdom? Its true, a recent news article showcased female Lemurs taking on more mates, when they are able to control their suitors. Mainstream society has dubbed swinging unacceptable, but females in the animal kingdom, taking on multiple male mates is not uncommon.


Primates Are Swingers

Swing Offbeat - Animals That Are Swingers
Primate Swinger (courtesy livescience)

Even though swinging or polyandry is acceptable in the animal kingdom, it is still a mystery in most species……..mainly humans. There is the Bonobos, a type of primate that, are highly promiscuous engaging in more sex than any other primate. The Bonobos will engage in homo, and heterosexual activities. Bonobos society is make love not war, and their frequent sex strengthens emotional and social bonds, resulting in no fighting or conflict. Ask yourself this, have you ever been to a swinger club and a fight broke out?………….Probably not. Swingers relieve stress and tension through sex and fun. We do not cause war either.

Dolphins Are Swingers

Swing Offbeat - Animals That Are Swingers
Dolphin Swingers (courtesy livescience)

Did you know that Dolphins are promiscuous and mate for reproduction and pleasure? The mating lasts one minute but repeated several times with short breaks in between.
This goes on frequently in the dolphin societies.

Let’s recap, humans that do not swing, wage war and create violence. Bonobos and Dolphins are swingers and live in peaceful intelligent societies. Looks like swinging can save the day.
In closing we are all animals, we got swinging not from the Roman orgies, but we watched it from nature …….back in the days of the stone age.

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