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What Do Thanksgiving & Swinger Wives Have In Common?


So, what do swinger wives and Thanksgiving have in common? Well they both liked to get stuffed like a turkey. I always get sentimental on the holidays, thankful for you, I have my dirty take on it. When I think of most things, I try and see things as there is a funny side to every situation and the challenge is to find it. I like Thanksgiving because food and sex go hand in hand, but I notice around the holidays people stay away from social sites even swinger sitesRead More

Swingers In The News

Discovery Green Lights “Swinger Wives” Swingers are becoming more in the mainstream as TLC will soon premiere “Swinger wives”. Discovery Networks will be airing a pilot in an in depth look at American couples, that live double lives as swingers. The pilot will be set to air on TLC internationally in select markets as the SwingLifeStyle is becoming more recognized. The pilot will take place in Atlanta, Georgia and set to explore the relationships and the mindset in the way of life for swingers. The pilot reveals issues that swingingRead More