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The Internet & Young Swingers

young-swingers & the internet

There seems to be a lot of young couples flocking to the lifestyle. Gone are the days when swinging was reserved for married couples in their 50s and 60s. Nowadays, there are many young couples interested in the swingers lifestyle mainly because of the internet. Having access to the internet allows people access to a wealth of information that they can use to expand their knowledge of a particular topic.  It also gives on the ability to connect with others in a community of their choosing. Young couples are ableRead More

Top Swinger Clubs In Texas

Florida swingers party

There are many swinger clubs in Texas where you can go and to experience the climax of your fantasy. Swinger clubs are a safe environment where lifestyle couples can gather to get intimate.  Some clubs are on premise, which means that they allow sexual intercourse on site, while others are off premise club where couples take the play back to a hotel nearby.  You may attend as a single woman, otherwise known as a unicorn, which has the option of playing with men as well as couples.  Couples in attendanceRead More

California Swinger Clubs

California Swinger Clubs

Swinging is an alternative lifestyle, between two or more couples, based on the establishment of friendly relations generally in order to pursue recreational activities which may include but is not limited to sexual interactions. The swinger life style brings more communication and openness to a relationship. Many couples admit that they become closer to each other after their first swinging experiences. Every aspect of your desires and preferences can be shared with your partner. There is no point keeping these feeling to yourself. These feelings extend not only sexual knowledgeRead More

The Best Sacramento Swingers Parties and Clubs.

There is good news for all the Sacramento Swinger parties and Sacramento swinger Clubs lovers as they can get to enjoy these events in various locations. Erotic experiences not only take part in Swinger clubs, but in any exotic place that your fantasies tells you. If you visit and access the parties’ event section, you will see all the other swinger club parties that are listed. There are currently a vast amount of swinger clubs located in the California area as we look to reach out to more people whoRead More

Japan Swinger Clubs And LifeStyle Cultures

Japanese Unicorn

This is an interesting post I thought I would share with you. Upon one of my many travels, I Mike Hatcher recall a visit to Shinjuku Japan. I would like to point out that in Japan swingers aren’t really called swingers but they call them “happening clubs” or “kappuru kissa clubs”.  Anyways there is a big difference between American swinger clubs and Japan swinger clubs. The crazy thing is that these clubs looked so normal from the outside. It was in Shinjuku, on the road I always walked up toRead More

Single Men And Swinging Tips

So many single males wrote in asking me to write a blog. I need to clarify something upfront, I got some polite emails and I received several hate emails on why single guys can get any in the lifestyle. To the polite ones, you are one step ahead of the game. Single males you need to realize that just because you are on a swinger site or in a swinger club does not guarantee you sex. This is a long discussion so I decided to break it into two parts.Read More