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Single Swinger Men: Why they Ask ?

I have still got a lot of responses from several single males wanting to know why they can not attend a swinger party. To break it down I wrote a post called “single men and swinging tips“, this tells how single men can get ahead in the lifestyle. First of all just by saying you have a huge penis does not give you any entry period. When you are on a site like SwingLifeStyle you need to be polite online as if you were in person. Some couples believe itRead More

Single Men And Swinging Tips

So many single males wrote in asking me to write a blog. I need to clarify something upfront, I got some polite emails and I received several hate emails on why single guys can get any in the lifestyle. To the polite ones, you are one step ahead of the game. Single males you need to realize that just because you are on a swinger site or in a swinger club does not guarantee you sex. This is a long discussion so I decided to break it into two parts.Read More