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Playtime Ideas For Your Next Swingers Lifestyle Party

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While the swingers lifestyle in and of itself is an adventure, there often comes a time when mixing things up a bit can truly create opportunities for super sexy engagements. Here are a few ideas for spicing it up at your next swinger couple gathering or party. Who Holds the Key to Satisfaction? While somewhat traditional historically, the art of the key party is often forgotten about as we get older. Bring the sexy back by letting fate decide everyone’s ‘date’ for the night. The premise is simple: Keys areRead More

Halloween Swingers Party

Halloween Swingers Party

To Some people, the December Holidays seems to be their favorite. In December, they think that North Pole is an object attached to a man or November is when you get stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. For Mike Hatcher, I like the Halloween holiday. This is my favorite time of the year to dress up and head to a swingers party. If you have never been to a Halloween swinger party you are missing out on some of the most erotic experiences ever. It’s easy to find a swingers partyRead More

SLS Exchange – A Night You Will Never Forget

SLS Exchange - A Night You Will Never Forget

SwingLifestyle’s SLS Exchange has been the talk of town recently ever since the successful launch of Vegas Exchange. In fact, it has grown into the most popular swinger party the lifestyle has seen in a very long time. According to people who have attended SLS parties before, this is going to be one of the best swingers’ parties to be organized in South Florida. SLS Exchange: Hot Luau Night is going to be one of the most entertaining parties you would ever attend. has a reputation of delivering theRead More

How To Throw A Swinger Party

By getting your personal swinger house party in the swing of things it may provide a more discreet and relaxing atmosphere for you personally, your lover along with a couple of other swinging couple buddies. If you want to invite new swinging friends, sites like SwingLifeStyle offer the ability for you to create swinger groups, and post swinger events such as parties in the swinger party section. By doing this, you will definitely increase your chances of having a huge party, should you desire to. Keep in mind to promoteRead More