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Halloween Swingers Party

Halloween Swingers Party

Halloween Swingers PartyTo Some people, the December Holidays seems to be their favorite. In December, they think that North Pole is an object attached to a man or November is when you get stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. For Mike Hatcher, I like the Halloween holiday. This is my favorite time of the year to dress up and head to a swingers party.

If you have never been to a Halloween swinger party you are missing out on some of the most erotic experiences ever. It’s easy to find a swingers party in your area. Simply access the SwingLifeStyle Swingers Party link for a list of Halloween themed events. The list is in chronological order or you can search for parties in you State. If you are having a Halloween theme party, you can add it to the Swingers Party List.

Take your time and review all of the information listed at that particular party or club. Some Halloween swinger parties have a dress code that is required for entry. It may be that anyone attending is required to wear a costume or have a mask and will not gain entry without it. Some parties are come as you are, and some are more catered to the BDSM fetish lifestyle. Make sure to review the details of the party and choose the right party for you. You wouldn’t want to come dressed up as a zombie if it is a Latex Halloween party right?

Whatever you decide, make sure to have fun. I have a really good friend, I’ll call her “T” she says that she would love to go to a zombie type swinger party. I’m sorry but a woman dressed up really pale with fake blood all over her, doesn’t really do it for me. Well again everyone has their fetish so if you want to dress up as the undead, so be it. I guess on the bright side there may be benefits of being a stiff…..or if you are a swinger wife, getting a stiff one.

Happy Halloween!!!