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Cunnilingus 101: How to Satisfy Her Kitty Without Intercourse

Oral Pleasures

Statistics cite that about 90% of women love receiving oral sex with about 65% reporting that they can achieve an orgasm from the experience. So, here are some tips for those new to performing cunnilingus that are sure to get things started off on the right track to have a successful sexy time. What NOT to Do When Performing Cunnilingus Don’t just dive in there without warming her up with a bit of kissing and foreplay. Don’t go at her vagina with no sense of direction, routine, rhyme or reason.Read More

5 Tips On How To Perform Oral Sex On A Woman

5 Tips On How To Perform Oral Sex On A Woman

From LifeStyle Magazine Mike Hatcher some times gets tongue tied on my articles, but one thing I never get tongue tied is with oral sex on a woman. Oral sex is something that the vast majority of women love to have done to them, but of course it is only good if the man knows how to do it correctly. What follows are five simple tips that you should consider trying to put into good use the next time you are performing this sex act on your partner because thereRead More