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5 Tips On How To Perform Oral Sex On A Woman

5 Tips On How To Perform Oral Sex On A Woman

From LifeStyle Magazine

5 Tips On How To Perform Oral Sex On A WomanMike Hatcher some times gets tongue tied on my articles, but one thing I never get tongue tied is with oral sex on a woman. Oral sex is something that the vast majority of women love to have done to them, but of course it is only good if the man knows how to do it correctly. What follows are five simple tips that you should consider trying to put into good use the next time you are performing this sex act on your partner because there is no doubt that she will love you even more after it.

1. Never just dive right in.

The first thing you must do is work on getting her in the mood and never just start giving her oral sex without trying to heighten her senses first. In order to get the best reaction from her you should spend some time kissing her and teasing her by stroking her inner thighs carefully avoiding every single part of her vagina and just by doing this, you will find that as soon as you make contact with her genitalia she will just love every single movement you make. You should also take it further by stroking her breasts and kissing her all over her body as the idea here is to make her entire body tingle with anticipation before you move on to the next step.

2. Work slowly and gently on the vulva area.

Your partner will enjoy it even more if you start slowly on the vulva area and this actually entails you kissing and slowly licking her starting from the outer edges and moving inwards. As you move into the middle, do look at spreading her lips and gently licking the inside of them, but it is essential that you avoid her clitoris right now because instead this is all about continuing to tease her vagina in order to really turn her on.

5 Tips On How To Perform Oral Sex On A Woman3. Be gentle with her clitoris.

When it comes to the time for you to touch her clitoris it is always best if you do it gently and focus on the clitoral hood because it is a known fact that most women actually get more pleasure out of indirect clitoral stimulation. When you do start licking it, always make sure that it involves soft and slow licks right over the hood and simply do not put too much pressure on there as it simply is not required until she is highly aroused at which point you can apply more pressure.

4. Use your fingers to good effect.

If you really want to drive her wild with desire, then it is always a good idea to combine using your fingers with oral sex as you can easily penetrate her, and touch her g-spot by having your palm facing upwards and your fingers curled up to feel a rough part inside her, as you lick her clitoris. By doing this, you will be giving her double the pleasure and the chances of her having a more powerful orgasm will have just increased by a huge amount.

5. Listen to her and pay attention to her.

Finally, you must listen to her as she is getting closer to orgasm as she will tell you exactly what she wants and it is up to you to do as she says. This is where she may tell you to lick a certain spot, or she will push back on you for more pressure, but whatever it is and no matter how uncomfortable you may be it is important to keep doing as she asks in order to make her actually orgasm with you. After she has climaxed, never just keep licking her clitoris like you were before as it will be extremely sensitive at this point and instead you are best to slowly stop rather than just carrying on. The only exception to this with oral sex is if she specifically asks you to continue as some women will be able to have several orgasms one after the other and this alone will tell you that you are good at what you do.


5 Tips On How To Perform Oral Sex On A WomanAgain listen to the woman, men usually do not listen, which reminds me of an oral sex joke. A woman is in a coma, and the nurse tending to her notices that whenever she is sponge bathing the woman, the woman’s vital signs jump a little on all of the machines an screens. So the nurse calls the husband and says ’come down to the hospital, i think i know how to get your wife out of this coma.’ so the husband hurries down, and asks the nurse what he can do. The nurse says, ’ i think that oral sex will bring her out of her coma, it will arouse her enough to bring her out of the coma.’ so the nurse closes the cutains, and leaves the husband with his wife in the room. Moments later, the man comes running out of the room, flustered. The nurse, worried, asks him what happened. the husband says, ’I don’t know, I think that she started choking.’

So remember tend to the 5 tips and do not listen to Mike Hatcher’s joke and you will be fine. The above aforementioned are the five tips on how to perform oral sex on a woman and of course there is a bit more to it than has been mentioned here and each woman does like things done slightly differently depending upon their own personal likes and dislikes. The main thing is to listen to your partner and experiment with various techniques and methods and through building your experience you too can become a master in the art of oral sex.

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