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Cuckold Relationships

A Basic Understanding of Cuckold Relationships

Cuckold RelationshipThere are a wide range of reasons for a couple to involve in a cuckold relationship.

In some cases, the man is the one initiating this lifestyle, maybe as part of a sexual fantasy of seeing his female with other men. He mentions his fantasies to his woman partner, who reacts to it by accepting the change in lifestyle.

Other men become attracted to the cuckold lifestyle when they age and lose sexual stamina. Take for instance, a husband who in his 50s is unable to please his partner sexually. In order to keep his woman sexually satisfied, he agrees to become a cuckold. The woman now has the best of both worlds, sexual freedom and the ability to keep her existing relationship, while her partner remains faithful to her.

Some other men develop a cuckold fantasy partly based on guilty feeling of not being able to satisfy their wife and partly based on voyeuristic interests. Some men just like to watch.

For men, the benefits of being in a cuckold relationship satisfies some fantasies, voyeuristic fetishes, keeps a relationship going in the case of loss of sexual stamina, or it can simply be an ego boost from having a partner desired by other men.

Cuckold RelationshipIt happens less often, but some woman may suggest engaging in a cuckold lifestyle. They have never accepted being in a monogamous relationship and to them cuckoldry just seems natural. Other women just enjoy breaking a taboo, or crave adventure and variety.

These women tend to be motivated by sexual freedom and variety of living such a lifestyle. Other typical motivations for woman who initiate a cuckold lifestyle are humiliating her boyfriend/husband, breaking a taboo, being the center of attention, indulging in some form of exhibitionism, enjoying some new adventures and sexual romance, as well as satisfying her sexual desires.

In this lifestyle it is important to be aware that no two situations or couples are alike. Couples can engage in a form of cuckold lifestyle for many different reasons and their relationship can evolve in limitless ways

A cuckold relationship was in the past a scandalous relationship. In these old style cuckold relationships often the husband chose to remain silent about the wife’s infidelity and to ignore their cuckold status. In modern cuckoldry, the boyfriend or husband is fully aware of his status and is fully accepting of it. However, modern cuckoldry is not mainstream and it is still a fringe lifestyle or taboo.

Cuckold RelationshipIn cuckold relationships, the boyfriend or the husband is usually not interested in having sex with other women and is satisfied with experiencing his female partner’s sexual experiences. This idea may seem at odds with human tendencies toward possessiveness, jealousy as well as cultural conditioning. In ensuring the success of the transition to a cuckold lifestyle, both partner need to shift their focus on commitment and love to hold their relationship together rather than the cultural and social conditioning about sexual exclusivity that cater to insecurities and jealousies.

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