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The “Kama Sutra” – The Perfect Guide To Spice up Your Sex Life

kama sutra

We don’t want to get too religious on everyone, but the “Kama Sutra” is touted as the bible of sex positions. An ancient Hindu book, that covers a range of topics from courtship, marriage,  lovemaking and increased sexual pleasures that shows the book is more about making a connection than just sex. Although The “Kama Sutra”, an incredibly popular book that offers beauty, intimacy, It incorporates 64 types of detailed sexual positions and the reason for its popularity.

Now, let’s explore a little of the “Kama Sutra” and its mind blowing and bed rattling orgasm techniques. We will take a look at the basics and some others that have grabbed our attention from the book. If you are a swinger, you can use these techniques with one on one time with your partner or incorporate new ideas during playtime.  

Important Sex positions and the “Kama Sutra”:

Kama Sutra - Woman On Top

Here are five sizzling primary Kama Sutra sexual positions for an extremely intimate sexual encounter. Of these, the woman on top is considered the most sexually gratifying and pleasurable position… (well for me anyway)

Woman on top: This is one of the most popular sex positions. Here the man lies or sits on his back, the woman straddles him and they face each other. This is considered  one of the best positions to give a woman greater control and the ability to reach orgasm through better penetration. This is because with her weight on the knee she can move freely. However it requires technique and stamina.

Kama Sutra - Man On Top

Man on top: This is also called the missionary position and is widely used since time immemorial for assuring maxing enjoyment and penetration. Here the woman lies on her back and the man lies on top of her and engages in a sensuous and intimate sexual activity. This position is preferred by most couples and considered romantic as it assures a unique level of closeness, and an ability to kiss, caress and maintain an eye-to-eye contact. It also promises deeper penetration and uncompromising intimacy.

Side by side position: To get this position, both partners should lie on their sides facing each other. This position involves closeness since the partners are essentially spooning. It is for this reason it is the most desirable by some couples. This is also regarded as a very intimate position as it encourages hugging and kissing. 

Kama Sutra - Man Behind Woman

Man behind woman: This is a rear entry position where the man enters a woman from behind. It involves the woman on all fours and the man behind her on his knees holding on to her hips to ensure deeper penetration. This position is considered highly enjoyable as it allows better access to the G-spot.

Kama Sutra - Face Sitting Up

Facing sitting up position: This sitting sexual position assures a face-to-face sexual intercourse and hence is regarded as a very intimate posture. This position can be  very enjoyable because of the intense closeness of  either partners. It also ensures kissing, caressing and hugging of your partner’s upper part of the body during deep penetration.

The “Kama Sutra” unfurls an exhilarating and mind-blowing 64 sex positions. Adopt any of these to spice up your sex life and to achieve a mind blowing orgasm. If you want to read more about the “Kama Sutra”, visit our SLS Forums to discuss it further with other lifestyle couples. 


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