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10 Positions Men Absolutely Love

10 Positions Men Absolutely Love

Sex is one of the most important activities in the life of any individual. The ultimate form of pleasure is derived from sex. Good sex makes a man happy and keeps him satisfied. The positioning of the male and female partner during sex is important because a good position during the sexual activity leads to wonderful sex that is enjoyed by both partners. Some of the sex positions men love is discussed as follows:

10 Positions Men Absolutely Love1. The doggy style position:

In this type, the female is on her fours, mimicking the dogs while the man can carry on the sex act from behind. Men who love porn and like watching love this position.  It is also widely used in porn. Several other pleasure causing activities like licking, biting and a few others can be carried out during this sex act doggy style.

2. The woman on top position:

This position is also known as the cowgirl position. It allows the man to lie back while the woman does all the work to please her man during the sexual activity. Men love this position because all the sexual pleasure is derived without much exercise and they get to enjoy the sight of the female body. Deep penetration is also facilitated by this position, so men really enjoy this position during intercourse.

10 Positions Men Absolutely Love3. The lotus position:

One of the most important sex positions men love also includes the lotus position. This involves the man sitting cross legged position on a couch, bed or anywhere else that allows him to lean against any wall. This helps with better support. The female gets to dominate the sexual activity by circling her legs around the waist of the man.

4. The man on top position:

The more dominant man always loves to be on top, so that all the sexual activities are carried out by his hands. The entire act of arousing orgasm to the final sexual activity is carried on by men who prefer to be on top and play with the female body as he pleases. It is also a position that help burns a lot of calories.

10 Positions Men Absolutely Love5. The 69 position:

The 69 position is an all time classic of sex positions. This makes the men go down on the women while the women can indulge in wild sex and body activities. Both are experiencing pleasure at the same time and it helps in burning calories of both partners in equal amount.

6. The spoons sex position:

This position involves both partners lying on their side with knees bent. It got its name because it makes the partners look like two spoons kept together side by side. It is considered one of the most important sex positions because of the cuddling involved. The sentimental man or partners in love tend to prefer this position.

10 Positions Men Absolutely Love7. The stand up sex position:

Men who like experimenting generally prefer sex in the standing up position. This position involves pining the female against a wall or some object to get a better hold. The suddenness and newness of this position makes it enjoyable for both the male and the female.

8. The leg up position:

The woman put her leg up in a position where the leg forms a ninety degree angle with the body. The man enters the woman while allowing his chest as support below the knee of the woman. This position is extremely desirable by men who like innovative sex positions.

9. The reverse cowgirl position:

This is desired by shy men or men who do not like to make eye contact during sex. The woman is on top but in a reversed position that allows the man access to grab her breasts from behind during sexual intercourse.

10. The lap dance position:

This is where a man sits on a chair while the woman goes all over him. The orgasm levels increase in this position because the man can roll his hands all over the woman’s body.   The aggressive man loves this lap dance position because he is able to pull, rub and lick this woman easily in this position.



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