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Top 5 Places to Have Outdoor Sex

Top 5 Places to Have Sex Outdoor

Good ole Mike Hatcher thinks sex in a risky place is hot. Even the idea of getting caught might be a turn on to some, but even if you have tolerance for risks, you can’t possibly want to be caught and spend time behind bars for lewd conduct. Having sex in public can be very tempting and satisfying. In this post, you will learn some of the be

st places to have sex outdoors without having to worry about being caught. Takes notes my friends.

1). In the car

A survey conducted by Cosmos revealed that over 80% of men fantasized about having sex in a car. The best way to not get caught is to Identify an abandoned lot, and take your car there either after midnight or just before the sunset. At this time, most folks won’t be outside and because of the limited space, the best position would be ‘girl on top.’

2). At the park

Having sex at the park is great. While it is just as sexy as you doing it in the wild, the risk of having your back stung by an insect or any other animal is not there. Choose a shady spot that is concealed from view and enjoy the ride.

3). Fitting room

Top 5 Places to Have Sex OutdoorFitting rooms don’t have cameras inside them! The best idea is to go to a larger departmental store as they don’t always have an attendant standing by. Top 5 Places to Have Sex OutdoorTiming is also important. Go when the shop is just being opened as there is every likelihood that it won’t be crowded.

4). Old-school Elevator

Now this may be a challenge, but still exciting.  The right elevators would be those with a sliding gate. Usually, they do not contain any cameras, and also, when inside, you are the one to open for anyone to be able to get in. Ride the elevator up and down, and even if anyone rings for it, do not open.

5). In the movies

This is better done at the back of movie theater screen, and on the steps. Even if you never get to watch the movie, you wouldn’t have spent too much on it. This is another reason I like to go to horrible movies, even the discount movies that play old movies that no one goes too.

These creative suggestions of where to have sex in public makes sex all the more exciting. Live your fantasies and as you have your man rock you at one of these sexy and hilarious places. These places are the perfect ones to have risky sex without getting caught!