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Add Some Foursome Spice to Your Relationship

Add Some Foursome Spice to Your relationship

Add Some Foursome Spice to Your relationshipSex…adds spice to the relationship.  It has always been rumored to be a stress buster. But people with marriage boredom, voyeurism, and sexual boredom from a single partner tend to fall for sex with three, four and/or multiple partners. Foursome sex or group sex always seems to be an activity full of joy and adventure. The people who dream this stuff up have a lot of guts; few people call this activity as ‘an orgy’.

Good ole Mike Hatcher has found that there were many surveys undertaken to find out the ratio of men and women liking an orgy. According to the survey, one-eighth of the women interviewees and one fourth of men interviewees enjoyed this event. However, only half of them have ever tried.

There is a typical rumor that such threesome, foursome or group sex is carried out mostly by the young adults. But most of the orgies found at lifestyle events, participants are in their 30s, 40s or 50s. People engaging in these activities are usually married or divorced and majority of the time the experience is with their spouses. This activity then leads into ‘wife swapping’. Wife swapping is when married couples exchange partners.  They believe that carrying on such activities will lead to a better relationship; strengthen their bond and spice up their sex life.

Add Some Foursome Spice to Your relationship
In the swinging community, an orgy can be named as a hard swap or soft swap. In a soft swap, couples enjoy sexual pleasures such as kissing and touching, but there is no actual sex or penetration. On the other hand, in a hard swap, people engage in full sexual intercourse with different guests. Under this swapping activity, many other events can take place such as Daisy Chains, Lesbianism, Ring a ring a roses, forfeits and other games. Games and forfeits include party games in which the people who lose will have to offer a show to the people or the audience. In daisy chains, all the men and women lie on the ground alternately and have actions of sex with the two men or the two women lying next to them.

Before you and your partner decide to partake in a group sex type situation, you may need to define your rules as outlined in this blog here: Rule Making and Breaking, Tips Every Couple Should Know.  Once you read this and set rules for each other then you are ready to start swinging.



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