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The History Of Swinging Part 1


Several people believe that swinging is new to the last 50 years or so but as Mike Hatcher has researched, swinging has been going on millions of years. Being an astute theologist and with help from my archeologist friend I have researched swinging and sexual preferences dating back to the dawn of our planet. Although some are speculation, this article is based upon research from myth, legend and fact. So here it goes……

Every myth has some truth, so does every legend. Swinging has been going on since the dawn of time. The Universe was created 20 billion years ago and seeded by many planets, below is a timeline of Earth’s past based on legends and fact.

100,000,000 B.C.

Swingers Guide - The History Of Swinging Part 1Legends foretold creatures such as the Pegasus, Centaurs and other mystical creatures that wandered the Earth. The land of Pan was the “Garden Of Eden” discussed in present day religious teachings. This was paradise, Humanoids resided in peace, they were extremely sexually active with everyone around them and lived cooperatively. These were considered the first swingers. The first swingers did nothing wrong in the eyes of the creator Tetraqgrammaton. The creator taught tolerance, love peace and justice. The creator taught that there was and is nothing wrong with sex, just not to hurt others. Through the years this concept was lost. The Earth shifted and started to split into different continents known as “The Drift”. About 60 million years ago, a comet collided with Earth near the Yucatan peninsula, resulting in a cool down of Earth. Some humanoids retreated underground while others did not. Both groups remained very sexual and peaceful in their ways. As time went by, the inhabitants forgot about their connection to Divinity.

200,000 B.C.
Lemuria od The Land Of Mu, first started during this period after a Grand Cycle of 25,920 Swingers Guide - The History Of Swinging Part 1years had been completed. These people were peaceful, extremely sexual and enjoyed multiple orgies. The inhabitants were not technically oriented, but were tribal in nature, enjoying music, rhythm and living in large cities near the coasts.
Sex and sharing partners was a normal part of their daily life. Bisexuality was not looked down upon, it was welcomed. The Land of Mu ended when a comet’s tail brushed the Earth, causing a dramatic cooling which dropped by 50 degrees. The land mass sunk due to Electro Magnetic storms and people retreated to the Americas and higher altitudes.

18,086 B.C. – 9000 B.C.
Swingers Guide - The History Of Swinging Part 1Atlantis was a city like any other in that it lay situated above the sea, but unlike any other in its splendor and luxury. At the time, it was the city of cities, rich and incalculable, a feast of the arts, sciences and technology. Legends tell it was not uncommon for locals to participate in orgies, reminiscent of Rome. Practicing birth control was rumored to have initiated anal sex in virgins to control ejaculation. Atlantean’s supposedly used crystals as a source of stored energy, records of knowledge similar to a computer. These crystals aided in flight, telekinesis and used for strange energy during sex and orgies. Atlantis suffered a fate brought upon them by their own technology and sank into the ocean in a single day.

Stay tuned for Part 2 and 3

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