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Menage A Quatre

mixed age swinger party

If you are French you know what this means, and if you are a swinger you know what this means. One word, “Foursome”. Yes foursomes may be fun but are not anything new.

Even though this activity started in orgies back in the Era of the Romans, most people get into the lifestyle for the infamous foursome.  For most swingers getting into the lifestyle they want to explore more sexual positions. Well good thing Mike Hatcher has you covered. I will be briefly going over some of my favorite sexual positions, and pics that I can barely show thanks to

This is a super fun position I call “The Hatcher”. The Hatcher involves a woman on her back while she is going down on another woman straddling her. In front is a man entering her. The woman who is being orally pleasured while standing is being entered from behind. this is great because the woman gets vaginal and clitoral stimulation.

Swingers Guide - Menage A Quatre<———“The Hatcher”

The next one I call the Choo Choo Blow. This has a lot of oral but definitely has some Swingers Guide - Menage A Quatredoggy-style action for the one that likes to be on their knees. This involves a man getting a woman from behind doggystyle, while the woman receiving is performing oral sex on another woman. Finally the woman laying down receiving oral sex from the woman is a trooper, because she is performing oral sex on a man straddling her.  This one is great for everyone & highly recommended. “Choo Choo Blow  –>

The next ones I couldn’t find any pics but here they are being described for my devout readers.

Doggy Bark –This involves one male, 2 female group sex position for bi-sexual or bi-curious females. One woman is placed in the doggie style position and is penetrated from behind by the male while the other female lays on her back in a position to receive oral from the first female.
Threesome Sandwich –This group sex position involves 2 males and one female. One male lies on his back. The female sits on him, penetrating vaginally. The second male sits on his knees behind her and penetrates anally.

Anal Invader- For the group of two men and one male where one female enjoys anal, this group sex position works. The ladies assume a top/bottom “69” position and the female on top is penetrated anally by the male.

Humpty Hatcher This group sex position works for groups of 2 males and 2 females where the females are bi-sexual or at least bi-curious. One female lays on her back while one male performs intercourse on her. The second female squats over her to receive oral when being penetrated from behind by the second male.


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