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New Ghostbusters Trailer

Ghostbusters 3

Seems Mike Hatcher has been on top of some ladies lately I mean on top of things. I have obtained the New Ghostbusters Trailer and it looks great. Now without further waiting check out this great video I got my hands on. I highly recommend checking it out.

Now wasn’t that great? I love that line “bustin makes em feel good” hell I’d feel good too. I wonder what being slimed means? Make sure to watch this at your next swinger party. I am a fan of the original NON-Parody Ghostbusters 1 & 2. On a side note I hope Bill Murray sings up for the third. Anyways back to the dirt and porn…..Did you know that porn in general may not be here today in the US, if it were not for a man named Larry Flynt? It’s true, he has fought for the right to view pornographic material in America for many years. Swinger Club owners also feel the pain when local politicians try and bust the swinger parties for being consenting adults.

The People VS Larry Flynt

For those that don’t know the genius Larry Flynt, Every month Hustler is mailed, uninvited and for free, to the office of each member of the United States Congress. This practice began at some point between 1974 and 1983, and it continues as of 2010. In an interview, Flynt explained, “I felt that they should be informed with what’s going on in the rest of the world … Some of them didn’t appreciate it much. I haven’t had any plans to quit.

Good ole Mike thinks this is hilarious and couldn’t agree more. If you are unaware of this man there is a movie starring Woody Harrelson called “The People VS Larry Flynt“.

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