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How To Make Semen Sweet

how to make semen taste better

We had such an overwhelming visit to the semen post yesterday that I had to continue on the semen bandwagon. I thought I might write about semen and how to make it taste better. Then I realized I had an interview in which I already covered the topic on another blog. I hope you enjoy my interview with Evelynn Chambers, a beautiful caring woman writing for a friend of mine’s adult film making company.

Below is an interview I took with Evelynn Chambers for an article on sex and the porn industry.

Q:Mr Hatcher?

A:Please call me Mike

Q: OK Mike, you have been a friendly ladies man and also in the lifestyle for a while right?

A: Yes that is correct

Q: And you are fairly young, in your early 30’s?

A: Yes

Q: What accomplishments have you had recently pertaining to the lifestyle?

A: Well I have been writing about and traveling to different swinger clubs and sharing my experiences with people. I enjoy writing funny blogs under different names nationwide to make people laugh and teach about sex relationships and swinging.

Q: Would you consider an interview on the Howard Stern show?

A: (Laughs) Although I love Howard Stern and have love for New York, I don’t know when I could make it.

Q: OK Mike, now to a question about claims women have made on you. Why do women report that your semen tastes unbelievably sweet and why do they call you sweet Mike and Mike the sweetie?

A: I knew you were going to ask that (laughs) It really is no secret. Scientific studies prove, you are what you eat. For example I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and limit my caffeine intake. These are all pollutant factors that have been proven to make semen taste more bitter. Also dairy products and red meat, make semen taste incredibly salty. I avoid red meat because it is not too good on the male body. As far as calling me sweet, well my semen tastes unbelievably sweet and I am a gentleman to the women in public and a romantic animal behind closed doors offering different types of orgasms, which would probably have to be another interview in itself.

Q: Is there anything that you eat or drink to make your semen taste so sweet as reported, maybe something to help adult male performers?

SwingersA: Yes, I get plenty of fruit each day that are high in natural sugar. The number 1 fruit for improving the taste is the pineapple. I would like to say that fruits high in natural sugar will make semen taste sweet. If I know I need to perform for multiple women or a full swap, I start out 12-24 hours before. The day before I start out at breakfast with a fruit bowl consisting of pineapple, papaya, cranberry, melons, mangoes, apples and grapes. If I am tired and need something to drink I will grab 100% pure pineapple juice.

Q: I’m a fan of garlic and onions on steak, would this effect the taste of semen?

swingers blogA: Yes most certainly, you need to avoid heavy spices and Garlic and onions they effect the taste of sperm because of the high sulfur content. Keep in mind, what you put in your body takes 12-24 hours to secrete out. This is why I usually start my regimen the day before or at least try and maintain the healthy lifestyle while being in the lifestyle.

Q: You mentioned spices to avoid are there any good ones out there?

A: Oh Yeah, for example I love cinnamon, I chew cinnamon gum, all the time, peppermint, lemon and cinnamon are definitely recommended for making semen taste better.

Q: Did that have any effect on what I tasted from you earlier?

A: More than likely yes.

Q: Oops I guess I let the cat out of the bag huh? (laughs)

A: Well you sure did I hope you enjoyed it?

Q: Oh yes And I must say that if the ladies want to treat their sweet tooth, Mike Hatcher definitely knows how to be sweet (laughs) and tasting.

A: I am glad you approve, I think you are a beautiful woman with an attention to detail and a natural body to die for. I enjoyed the pre-interview (laughs) I like your hands on approach for extracting the sweet information. I’m glad I decided to get behind you on this one(laughs) and accept the interview.

Q: OK we need to wrap up this interview before I blush anymore. Is there anything else you would like to ad on the taste of semen or any male concerns?

A: Yes If you change your diet and your semen does not change in taste and even has a strong smell to it, this could mean you have an infection and I would recommend going to the doctor. I hope you enjoyed the interview with Evelynn, I know I sure did. I loaded up on the pineapple juice so I could unload the sweets. Make sure to read my post on the vitamins in sperm here: Don’t Forget vitamin S For Anti Aging

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