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Swingers Media Part 2: Jack In The Box Swingers?

Swingers Sandwich? Are we talking about food? Over the past few years, Swingers have been more mainstream and more accepted in the general public. Jack In The Box is the first fast food chain to deliver a hilarious commercial geared … Continue reading

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Swingers Media Part 1: All In The Family Or Archie Bunker Swingers

If you are too young to remember or just plain don’t know about All In The Family, this show tested every boundary on television. All In The family discussed taboos on T.V. such as swingers, racism, homosexuality even women’s liberation, … Continue reading

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Join SwingLifeStyle For Swinger Party At Trapeze Swinger Club

You heard it correctly, SwingLifeStyle and Topless Travel are hosting a Jamaican themed swinger party. The Swinger Party is May 7th at Trapeze Swinger Club located at 5213 N. State Road 7, Tamarac, FL 33319-3323. the admission is only $75 … Continue reading

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3D Swingers Movie Beats James Cameron’s Avatar Blockbuster

Yes It’s true, In Hong Kong the 3D porn movie “Extreme Ecstasy” raked in 2.78 million Hong Kong dollars, while James Cameron’s Avatar made 2.63 million Hong Kong dollars on its opening day.  The plot of this movie is truly … Continue reading

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Are Batman And Robin Gay? Or Bisexual?

Honestly if he is a caped, or should I say closet crusader, by all means come out, we’re behind you on this one. I mean think about it, Batman lives with Robin, two men living together in a mansion, wearing … Continue reading

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Swingers Salute William Moulton Marston For Bondage And Wonder Woman

For non swingers that don’t know this, Wonder Woman was created by a trained psychologist by the name of William Moulton Marston. For people in the BDSM lifestyle, you probably know what I am about to tell you. William Moulton … Continue reading

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Believe It Or Not, Chinese Swingers Obsessed With Lesbians

Exactly how awesome is Sweden? Nobody is just discussing frozen bean bags or even swingers. No, additionally, there is a mystical story. This is not made up, I am telling you the truth, there is an ancient city, Chako Paul … Continue reading

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Texas Swingers, The Lonestar State

Most people do not realize a bible belt secret but Texas Swingers are right behind Florida in swinging. From Houston to Dallas, the Texas Swingers are in full force. If you happen to be visiting in these areas I highly … Continue reading

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Shirley MacLaine, A Psychic Swinger?

So, Is Shirley MacLaine a Swinger? Well according to the washington post, Shirley MacLaine discussed her open marriage on Oprah on 4-11-2011. The 76 year old spoke openly and candidly about her 30 year open marriage with her husband Steve … Continue reading

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Swinglifestyle Partners With Topless Travel !

The official travel agency for If you are in the lifestyle (and we know you are since you are reading this) you will be pleased to know that Swinglifestyle has partnered with the premiere Swingers Travel Agency, Topless Travel. Topless … Continue reading

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