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Top 3 LifeStyle Resorts

Hedonism II

Taking a vacation is an American and European tradition. There are many different vacation destination that suit all types of people. Couples-only resorts allow adult couples the opportunity to relax rest and reconnect. These lifestyle resorts welcome all adult guests only, no kids are allowed. All activities and social events are adult-oriented, running the gamut from candle-lit dinners on the beach to clothing-optional nightclub. Read on to see some of the top 3 lifestyle resorts. 1. Hedonism II Resort This adult-only lush tropical paradise is the perfect gateway for thoseRead More

Where to Find Swingers in California

Many people are now switching to the swinger’s lifestyle because of the benefits associated with this type of relationship. However, swingers in California are not aware of the places they can meet their fellow swingers. This is not a scenario where you will meet others in a social places or streets like with a normal relationship. It is a good idea to know the places in California where you are likely to meet with other colleagues with common interests. Most of the people who find it hard to locate othersRead More