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Swingers Media Part 3: Is Rose McGowan A Swinger?

If you are not aware of the recent Law & Order, Rose McGowan plays an undercover swinger. The recent episode shows once again how mainstream audiences are interested in the SwingLifeStyle. Honestly I think that police procedural dramas wanted to include this with recent busts of swingers, like the swinger club Peoria Illinois. Even though the episode was way out there, detectives Stabler and Benson pose as a sexy couple in order to investigate the murder of a swinger. Is this really the norm? Well, not really. Is this somethingRead More

Swingers Media Part 2: Jack In The Box Swingers?

Swingers Sandwich? Are we talking about food? Over the past few years, Swingers have been more mainstream and more accepted in the general public. Jack In The Box is the first fast food chain to deliver a hilarious commercial geared toward a swinging couple. The commercial which depicts 2 couples with the notorious Jack, shows the couple in a hot tub scene while discussing a new sandwich. If you get the funny commercial the sandwich they are discussing is the new sirloin Steak Melt. I think maybe they are hintingRead More

Swingers Media Part 1: All In The Family Or Archie Bunker Swingers

If you are too young to remember or just plain don’t know about All In The Family, this show tested every boundary on television. All In The family discussed taboos on T.V. such as swingers, racism, homosexuality even women’s liberation, abortion and breast cancer to name a few. From 1970 til 1983 this was a huge hit and the majority of America tuned in. One hilarious episode sticks out in my mind, it was on swingers. Edith is riding the subway and finds a magazine and discovers a swap article.Read More