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Swinger Couples – How to Separate Sex and Emotions

swinger couples

Swinger couples have voluntary agreed to step outside of their monogamous partnership when they choose to explore the lifestyle. While the opportunities for wild nights, great sex and the chance to meet new couples in the swingers lifestyle can be exciting there are just some emotions that can impede the good times ahead. Let’s pull down the blindfold and take a peek at these tips for keeping those feelings in check when partner sharing. How to Cope with Feelings of Neglect & Partner Fears There might be incidences when oneRead More

4 Characteristics That Define Swinger Relationships

swinger couple

Swingers are couples who engage in acts of intimacy with others outside their marriage. All parties involved in swinger relationships are usually in total agreement with this type of set up. Some couples who are married or in long term committed relationships and are looking to enhance their sexual desires, will normally turn to the swinging lifestyle. Swinger couples are usually happy and content in their relationships due to trust, and open and honest communication.  These are the key factors to success in the swingers lifestyle. Because of such, couplesRead More