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Jealousy in Couple Swapping Relationships

jealousy and couple swapping

Although you may never encounter this problem, jealousy when couples swap is an important topic to discuss. However, with a few simple discussions and plenty of honest communication, you can avoid having any troubles in the lifestyle. Talking To Each Other The main glue that holds any swingers relationship together is communication. Without the ability to talk, you won’t be able to sort out problems as they occur or prevent ones from happening. And in terms of sharing sexual fantasies–well that will never happen if you’re too embarrassed or self-consciousRead More

Why Couple Swapping Can Benefit Lifeless Relationships

couple swapping

There are countless couples looking to try something new and have looked at couple swapping as a way to add spice to their relationship. Couple swapping or just swapping as a term simply means to switch partners with another couple. Couples do so in hopes of exploring hidden desires and to enhance their sex life and relationship. Couples looking to explore their hidden desires are hesitant about entering into swinging or any type of open relationship. It’s unconventional and not the first thing that comes to mind when someone isRead More