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New York Swingers Benefits

New York Swingers

Do New York Swingers have more fun? Several people are asking this and if there are more swinger clubs in New York. Well for starters, I couldn’t count all of New York’s Swinger clubs, but I counted around 400. So the answer to the clubs is strikingly obvious. New York Swingers host about 100 parties a week, I looked at the party section for New York Swingers on SwingLifeStyle and counted about 100 this week. Not bat at all, the cool thing is that any member can post a partyRead More

Star Wars For Swingers

Finally a movie you can watch at your swinger party and hopefully your favorite swinger club will have this movie playing on the wall. STAR WARS XXX: A PORN PARODY is coming. I can not wait until this is released, I mean, this movie will appeal to the Generation X Swingers the New Swingers and of course the veteran swingers. How many of you can seriously sit there and say you would not do Princess Lay-AH lol. I don’t care if you are male or female, if you are aRead More

Swinger Fashion

Recently I was searching the internet for some interesting fashion and costumes. I came across this site called Dawnamtrix Designs. Me and the wife are in to the Asian attire, so this was right up our alley. If you are in to role play, then check this site out, if you are in to custom made kimonos and sexy garments, you can not pass this up. Dawnamatrix kimonos and garments have been displayed as textile art in museum and gallery spaces around Boston. I personally love the Dragon Mini-dress, IRead More