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Cool Online Swinger Magazine

I had to write this post because I found out the other day that this cool swinger magazine can be viewed online. I get the hard copy (no pun intended) delivered. I still like having it delivered, but hey that’s me. I like that it is delivered discretely to my home with nothing identifying it as a swinger magazine. LifeStyle Magazine is cool because they have been going on for since about 2001 I think.The magazine is dedicated to exclusively the LifeStyle and toward instances, clubs, parties and more. TheRead More

LifeStyle Magazine Is Back

For those that remember the popular swinger magazine, you will be overjoyed to learn that the magazine is going back in print. Whats more you ask? This magazine is absolutely free and will be mailed to you in a discreet package. LifeStyle magazine was the first real swinger magazine written by swingers and for swingers. Your’s truly “Mike Hatcher”, will be writing some of the material since everyone seems to enjoy what I write about.   LifeStyle Magazine is the public voice for this infamous society. They cater exclusively toRead More