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The Art of Blindfold Seduction


The use of a blindfold during intimacy need not involve any type of bondage, nor does it require any physical intercourse necessarily to help one achieve greater heights of pleasure. In fact, the art of blindfold seduction can become a new and exciting part of any type of foreplay or even a regular part of sexual routines. Here is how to introduce your partner to blindfold play.

Discuss Blindfolding with Partners First

While seduction often entails some elements of surprise, whipping out a blindfold in the middle of the act might actually be scary to some partners. Have a talk about the idea before adding a blindfold to the bedroom playtime box, and create some ground rules that you both are comfortable with to ensure all boundaries are respected.

Choose a Blindfold Method

There’s no need to spend a fortune on a fancy blindfold unless you like, as a scarf, tie or handkerchief can work equally as well. Ladies often have one in their beauty kits and there may be one around the house from a recent plane ride, as they offer them free.

Explore with Touch Without Sight

With your partner’s consent go ahead and start exploring the new sensations of touch that sight deprivation opens one up to. Being blindfolded allows one to experiment with being touched by various materials such as velvet, silk, feathers and unexpected fingers. Some are surprised to find that even the softest touches feel extra sensitive and can lead to orgasm.

Experiment with Blind Tastings

Removing the sense of sight tends to boost ones sense of tasting, making this an excellent opportunity to bring food into the bedroom scene. Prepare a platter of aphrodisiac or sweet delights such as figs, chocolate, oysters, almonds, champagne and so on. Gently feed the blindfolded partner and start making a sexy mess!

Being blindfolded can be a sexy and stimulating experience, and it often makes it much easier for one to lose themselves in erotic pleasure with less inhibitions.



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