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Why Every Man Should Watch His Woman Screw Another Man

cuckold watching

Quickly learn why every man should watch his wife or girlfriend have sex with another man. The hotwife or cuckolding fantasy is a very popular one for men, but even though they think about it often, it’s rare they actually think about it very deeply.And the problem with this is the things you need to do to make the hotwife lifestyle appeal to your wife means sitting down and thinking about it a little more deeply than you have been doing — simply because when it comes to these things, men and women have a very different approach.

Consider: For men, the cuckolding fantasy is really all about watching, hearing and having their beloved relate her experiences of having the hottest, dirtiest sex imaginable with another man.

That’s it. It is to romance what the Terminator films are to erudition.

But for women, that idea simply does not appeal. I’m not saying women don’t have powerful sex urges like men do — of course they do. But for most women the emotional component comes in first. Sure a lot of women have had no-strings one-night stands, but it’s far rarer than it is among men (and the fact we remark upon it when we hear about it tells us it’s so much rarer).

So when a man describes his desires and motivations for getting his wife to cuckold him, he usually sets about it in entirely the wrong way — because he’ll try to sell her on the idea of a wild night of rampant sex with a virtual stranger while her husband watches.

For so, so many reasons, most women will find that a bigger and quicker turn off than a string vest and nasal hair.

Here’s an alternative scenario for the…

Ultimate Hotwife Night

OK, so let’s imagine you’ve sold her on the idea of sleeping with someone else at least in principle and you’ve NOT fried her brain with visions of hot, dirty sex as seen in your favorite porn film (that’ll all come later as she grows into her role as a hotwife).

How you do this is beyond the scope of this article, but it’s not as hard as you might imagine.

But supposing you’ve done that, now picture this:

You, your wife and your wife’s prospective new lover have had a nice meal together and shared a few bottles of wine. Everyone’s feeling it, but no one’s drunk or anything like that.

You’ve both invited him over and she’s said in principle he’s OK… but no promises.

All the time they’re unself­con­sciously flirt­ing with each other drop­ping lots of hints and innuendo, and you’re encouraging them with your comments, smiles and body language.

Then there comes that moment when they exchange that look, she takes his hand, smiles at you and leads him up to your bed­room, leaving you to clear away the dishes that remain and lock up for the night.


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