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Enjoy Your Relationship Even More With Swinging

swinging couple

Learn how to enjoy your relationship even more with swinging. At first, when I Heard the term “swingers”, I thought it was some crazy concept like you might have thought too, but take your time to read and see how Swinging can be of some benefit to you

Swinging is when couples choose to have an open relationship, they allow their partners to have sex with other people, with their permission. You might wonder how this type of relationship can work for couples. Now, before going into Swinging, partners should be sure to have a stable and understanding relationship and always ready to follow the rules, respect one another, always use protection, selective in choosing partners and keep it private, be honest.

In Swinging, Couples make their own rules considering their actual need in their relationship and marriage and vow to abide by the rules and boundaries set. Couples who usually agree to this type of lifestyle seek one or more external partners for more pleasure and excitement than that which they get from their “main partner.  (See Example Rules Here)

Openness brought through swinging enables couples to enjoy honesty and vulnerability in the partnership which reduces the chances of cheating since there is a mutual understanding between them.

See some of the Benefits of Swinging 


Sometimes knowing the singular fact that you have the freedom to be yourself and explore with other people if you choose to can really be enough. You get to live freely with your “main partner” even after having sexual intercourse with someone else. This freedom will actually bring couples together as there is room to discuss your desires with each other and get to be given the chance to do them.

Ability to Deal With Jealousy 

Swinging allows you to feel more comfortable with your partner and deals with jealousy. You know the feeling you get when in a constricted atmosphere especially when it comes to relationships. When you swing, you have the assurance that you are not creating any uncomfortable atmosphere that is capable of ruining your relationship as long as you follow your rules

Swinging in a stable relationship can be more advantageous in the following

· Open up your Sexual Communication

· Allows you to have Variety of Sexual Partners and Experiences while keeping your relationship

· Allows you to deal with fear 

· Strengthens an already stable and Strong Relationship

Most people would want to have different sexual experiences and also have one person their call their own and this is actually possible with Swinging. I know this type of lifestyle is not everyone’s thing, however, it works for some and they live happily by it, following the rules and boundaries. Swinging couples live happily, and there really isn’t any harm in living this way as long as you are able to handle it. It is better to allow your partner to be a swinger than to lose him/her.



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