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Role Playing With A Swinging Couple

french maid

Being a swinging couple, you have almost certainly had one of your sexual fantasies as dressing up while taking up a different persona. This is because for some couples, role playing is a great way to utilize their imagination to enhance their sexual experiences. Role playing serves as one of the best methods to step up your sexual experience a notch higher, because it introduces variety to your sex life. Whether it is with those sexy short school girl uniforms or those tight nurse uniforms, role playing adds fun and excitement to the bedroom. It even gets more fun if an additional couple or a female friend is added to the equation.

The lists of scenarios that can be used for role playing are endless. How about an ill patient and a sexy nurse? Or, a pirate meeting a damsel in distress? Or, a French Maid going about her chores in the house? How about addition of another couple and playing the role of a patron in a strip club audience? Or, police knocking at your door? How about  teasing the female in the group after tearing off her clothes during a poker game? The only limiting factor when it comes to role playing is your imagination.

While our imaginations can get very wild, it is important that we keep the fantasy as simple as possible in order to execute it with ease. I was once told of a swinger couple that wanted to act out a break in, where one of the couples would dress up as burglars and strike in the dead of the night. This was to be a birthday gift for the husband of  one of the swingers. Though great an idea, the plan went south when neighbors noticed the couple to break in dressed as ninjas as they entered their bedroom window and reported the incident to 911. You can imagine the resulting drama that ensued and by the time the smoke had settled down and everything clarified the party was no more. As such, the role play ideas should be simple enough to not warrant external interference’s like nosy neighbors as in the example above.

Another great idea that you can try out is, together with another couple, telling the guys to watch TV while the ladies dress up in new costumes your husbands have never seen you in. You can switch it up; dress as a sexy nun, or a hooker, or naughty teacher. You then come out to the living room and begin playing with yourselves forcing your husbands to watch first. After a while, allow then to join in. This will definitely get any guy going! For younger swingers some enjoy both husbands playing Xbox while the ladies perform oral sex and switch it off.

The most important thing to remember when it comes to swinging and role playing is that communication with your partner as well as your swinging partners is very essential. Ensure that your fantasies are made known to your partners, and the others also share theirs. Role playing is a great way to break the bounds that normally confine us in real life, and taking up various other roles and personas can be very fulfilling to yourself and your partner.


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