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Pressuring Your Partner Into a Swinging Lifestyle

swinger couple

For sure, you love a swinging lifestyle because you find lots of fun in it, and you are longing to wear those sexy clothes and get to mingle with others in the local swingers club accompanied by a couple. You have been yearning to have your partner right beside you during such moments but each time they seem not interested because they feel that such a lifestyle does not belong to them, but finally they gave in and gave it a try and you really feel that it was fantastic spending such a great time with them.

After your wonderful evening of an amazing hot and sexy couple, your spouse disappoints by telling you that they do not enjoy it, they were uncomfortable, awkward and felt that they were out of place. They confessed that they had agreed to swing so that you may stop bothering them anymore. They claimed that you have been giving them a lot of pressure and the only way out is to satisfy you once and for all. You really know that you have an attitude of loving the idea of swinging because you had a great time and had enjoyed it, and for sure you will be a swinger with your partner having to just get used to it.

This is not for the few, it happens frequently in swinging with the husbands being in the forefront introducing their wives into swinging with some of them loving and getting used to it while others may not.

It is necessary to know that not everyone likes swinging and you should ask yourself the reason why you want swinging before engaging and convincing your partner to swing, and if your find out that you need it because you are getting more satisfied out of it, then you better quit it because that is not what the swinglifestyle is.

Communication is very important in a relationship, talk with your partner about swinging and get to understand his or her views about it, the better you understand each other the better you understand swinging and how to handle it. Giving pressure to your partner to go with you swinging may lead to embarrassment amidst your colleagues because one is willing and the other hates it.

Mostly, wives and girlfriends only go to clubs mainly to impress their partners but they do not like the idea, they get involved just to make their partners happy, which is not how its supposed to be. You need to talk and if they really want it, then they will listen, answer any question politely and openly and take time for you to become comfortable with the whole idea and if they give adamant to your request, never bother because your relationship is more important than swinging.

If you like the issue so much, that you find it hard to give up, bring your partner slowly, may be by coming up with the issue after sometime and you may do it step by step and finally you will get there even if it will take a longer time. Swinging is not actually bad but can make the relationship even better.



Articles by Mr. Mike Hatcher