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Should You Trick Your Wife Into Going To A Swingers Club?

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Have you been thinking about gong to a swingers club? This is an event you have been planning for months, perhaps even years. For your twelfth wedding anniversary, which is quickly approaching, you promised your bride a very special evening out that she will long remember.

You were married not long after she graduated high school and you and your wife have been a couple for 14 years now. She had a very religious upbringing and has only been with one single man in her life — you. You and your wife have a great home and two adorable children.

As the years have passed you believe that sex between you and your wife has grown stale and unexciting…almost predicable. To add a little bit of spice to your life, maybe lately you have been spending time online for hours at a time looking at adult sites and fantasizing.

It doesn’t take long before you discover the world of swinging and you are absolutely enthralled by it. Sexual encounters without commitments — how great is that? It certainly sounds like a better option than cheating and dealing with a costly divorce, which could cost you so much that you have worked for in life.

                                    The real question is:

SwingersCan you stand the thought of seeing the wife you love — the mother of your children — performing oral sex or maybe even going all the way right in front of you with full intercourse? You consider your feelings to see if it’s something you could really handle. You surprise yourself by discovering that the thought doesn’t bother you in the least. In fact, it totally turns you on! Not only do you want to see her with another man, but you really desire to see her with another woman too.

You spend several months looking on swingers websites studying the swingers lifestyle and then you get up the nerve to ask your wife about what she thinks about the two of you visiting a swingers club. You brace yourself for her reply as she merely stares at you blankly and says, “No way! That’s gross! You’re sick!”

That is what she said eight months ago. But you know your wife all too well. You know that even though she is against the idea, that once she tries it, she is likely to really like it. The only thing you need to do is to figure out how to get her to a swingers club without her knowing where the two of you are going. Your anniversary, it just so happens, is a perfect excuse to take her out on a date and then divert to a swingers club.

Your wife thinks you are taking her to a romantic evening out, perhaps a nice dinner somewhere and then a little dancing. You even bought her a beautiful new dress for your special evening out.

You both have dinner together and then all is revealed when you take her to the club. Your wife is very excited at first because she thinks it’s just a great dance club. After just a few minutes though, your wife notices a few of the female dancers stripping their clothes off.

In fact, quite a few of them are stripping down. You and your wife overhear someone say that there is a jacuzzi in the back of the club. Many exciting images are happening all around you and your wife; things neither of you have ever seen in person before.

You see two women making out. Some of the women are completely naked while others are scantily dressed. “What kind of club have you brought me to?” your wife asks, with a look of confusion. You reply that it’s a swingers club and that you wanted to surprise her by bringing her here. Her look of confusion changes to one of disgust. “Take me home right now!” she demands. “You’re sleeping on the couch tonight, pal!”

It isn’t a very good idea to try to trick your wife into going to a swingers club with you. In fact, doing so is very deceiving and can lead to a lot of distrust in the future. Remember what Mahoney did to his superior officers in Police Academy by tricking them into going to the Blue Oyster Bar? You don’t want that kind of reaction.

Couples who are successful swingers must be able to trust each other completely and be able to communicate openly about anything and everything. If you attempt to trick your partner into joining the swingers lifestyle without her approval, it could backfire tragically on you, putting an end to your swinging ambitions forever.

There are many husbands who have the idea that just because they have had a discussion with their wives about the possibility of having an extra person join them in the bedroom that they have essentially been given the green light to make it happen.

Men, make sure your wife approves 100 percent before you bring home “Dave,” “Ricky,” or even “Sally” to have some adult fun with you and your wife. Be sure she knows it wasn’t just some fantasy you were sharing with her. Be sure she knows you really mean it. There really should never be any “surprises” with this type of thing. You should always involve your wife with the planning and coordination of bringing any extra partners into yours and your wife’s sex lives. Want to start swinging? Then join:


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