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How to Talk Your Partner into an Open Relationship


You are serious about your partner, but you don’t want to be with just her. Change is the spice of life and if you are one of those who simply can’t resist the temptation of finding constant changes in your love life, then an open relationship is your safest bet. What happened if you’re already in love with a girl you met a few months back, you want her, but want to see others too, well chances are you want to discuss being in an open relationship.

Open relationship is a term used for couples where both partners share genuine feeling of affection and admiration for each other, but have multiple sexual partners or maybe flirt around a bit while being involved in a committed relationship.

Does your girlfriend find the whole idea being in an open set up as cool as it sounds to you? What if she decides to breakup with you? Jumping into a deep conversation with your partner might sound like the only solution, but convincing someone is not that simple altogether. Remember some relationships don’t work out while being in an open road and if break-up is in your mind, it is better to be direct.

For others who are serious, this is a good way to add some variety of experiences in your life, without jeopardizing your relationship. Here are some tips that you can use to convince your girlfriend about the whole idea of getting into an open relationship.

Plant the Idea

Instead of being direct and focusing on your needs, it is important to get introduced to the concept in a better and practical way. It is a fact that 70% of women won’t comprehend your idea in a natural way if it comes directly from your mouth. But, introducing the idea through a magazine article or a movie will help her analyze better and think deeply. Choose movies that have threesomes or find quality porn that begin with a storyline based on this subject. There are ample steamy and erotic resources that you can get your hands on. Just be wise and clever while making the choice. It should not look too obvious to your partner.

open relationshipEncourage the Fantasy

Once the idea is planted, talk to her about your fantasies and make her communicate hers. This is a good way to nurture the trust in your relationship. Most girlfriends do not find it weird for their boyfriends to discuss their erotic sexual fantasies, especially after watching erotic scenes or movies. Pick a good time do such things and make sure your girlfriend is in the equal mood.

Hang Out With Swinging Couples

The next step is to take her to some swinger’s club and get her familiar with the environment. This will take your desires of getting into an open relationship to a next level. Let your girlfriend explore the swinging culture, meet young males and females who are living a swinging lifestyle and having the time of their lives.

She’ll understand that getting into swinging is all about exploring new sexual experiences and fantasies. This will definitely put her mind at ease. Swinging is non-committal and carefree. Emotions and feelings have no room in this culture and plus, you don’t feel guilty of it as you have your partner involved in it with you.

open relationshipSell the Benefits

One of the biggest mistakes that men make when suggesting open relationships to their girlfriend is completely forgetting the fact that she needs to be on the same page to make it feasible. So your task is to tell her all the benefits of getting into such a relationship, before telling her you need to be in one. Tell her how the new set up will not change the feelings you have for each other, but only add some excitement and spice to both of your lives.

Make It About Sex

When it comes to infidelity, men focus more on sexual affairs, while women look for emotional stability. Make sure you make it completely about sex and keep the terms of engagement clear in front of your girlfriend. She might think that sex with someone else can lead to emotional feelings and start feeling insecure. In this case, your task is to make her feel secure and assure her that it is only about sex and nothing else.

In the end, remember that she is your emotional priority and it is important to make her feel comfortable than anything else. If you can make her believe that the extra stuff is only for some added sexual pleasure, she might not see it as a threat.

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