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Swing Diaries on Playboy TV

Swinger News - Swing Diaries on Playboy TV

Swinger News - Swing Diaries on Playboy TVWhen Mike Hatcher was younger, (that’s me for the first time readers) he would sneak a peak at magazines from Hustler to Playboy.  Love both Magazines and thank Larry Flynt for his contributions to our constitutional rights, and I am a personal fan of Larry Flynt’s publicity and dry humor. Playboy magazine is great because I get to look at the celebrities, I remember people saying who the hell would want to look at Lyndsey Lohan nude? Um that would be me! But like any other gentleman Mr. Hatcher would only look at the magazines for the articles, not the pictures. Yeah right! Thanks to technology today, several magazines are becoming digital and radio shows as well as TV has popped up, like the ones on Playboy TV.

We all know about Playboy TV, the premium monthly adult entertainment service that Playboy provides at a fee. The service is famous for its unique and exclusive content, which includes reality shows, comedy shows, movies and serials. The channel was launched in 1992 and has held the Playboy values of high entertainment quotient right from the beginning. There is a wide range of content that is aired on the channel, most of which feature Playboy’s own world famous models. One such show is Swing, which was a hit the moment it was launched. The people in the show are called swingers, and the whole concept of the show is about how regular, rich people explore the world of swingers and put their relationships to the test, with new experiences by bringing in new people to the bedroom. While this culture is quite common in the United States, nothing of the sort has come on TV, and Swing aims to do just that – show the lifestyle of such people with its Swing show. The show is aimed at couples who have only heard about such a lifestyle but have not experienced anything of the kind.

Swinger News - Swing Diaries on Playboy TVThe show is led by Anna David, a famous TV personality who will guide the couples through their journey of transforming their regular, laid back lives into an exciting adventure that involves Californian swingers who will spoil the couples for choice in terms of sexual experiences. There are many celebrity and experienced people involved in the show, who will be giving their personal experiences and tips on how to successfully perform couples swapping, partner swapping and having a threesome or maybe a foursome as well. The other side of the coin is also discussed in the show, which includes the headache such a lifestyle might bring to either or both the partners. As of now, the show has received tremendous response with its initial two episodes, and Playboy says it was great fun making the show.

They received literally hundreds of submissions from couples who wanted to experience the swinger lifestyle live on TV, and it was a tough call choosing the cast. Well, the editors and other people at Playboy made sure the most diverse group was selected, as the show would become much more enjoyable with such a party. It came as no surprise that there were so many people sexually curious about their lives and Swing is only going to help them. It will enable them to rediscover and revamp their sex lives, with the perfect swingers that Playboy has hand selected. The upside to all this is the magnificent Swing mansion, which is the ultimate stop for anyone who loves sex, as it is equipped with everything you can imagine. Right from Jacuzzis to bathtubs to the most comfortable beds, Swingers mansion is the perfect place to unwind and explore your sexuality, and the show will make use of the mansion to the fullest. Swing has it all – babes, dildos, couples, swingers, swapping and everything the secret lifestyle thought was secret, until now!