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The History of Swinging Part 3

Swingers Guide - The History of Swinging

First Documented Swinging Arrangement

The first documented swinging arrangement was made on April 22, 1587 between John & Jane Dee and Edward & Joanna Kelley.  The arrangement simply stated that conjugal relations would be shared among spouses.   These couples also took part in casting spells, séances and performing rituals to honor Divinity and the creator Tetragrammaton.  People did not understand such rituals and called it witchcraft.

Swingers Guide - The History of Swinging Part 3People Fear the Unknown

Up until the 16th century, church and state would frown upon sex.  They forbid adultery and people from having sex until they got married.  Between 1601 and the 1700s people who embraced nature and life were known as occultists and alchemists.  They also participated in trading spouses, praised divinity and the creator Tetragrammaton.  Although some were Christians and attended church, they were still labeled as witches because they were different.

Orgies & Swinging

Once a year, an orgy would be held where members would exchange spouses in a ceremony called “Extinguishing the Lights”.  After dinner, the candles were out and the ceremony would begin.  They would all participate in sexual religious rituals ranging from swinging to orgies.  They got the idea from sea captains sailing for Swedish trading Swingers Guide - The History of Swinging Part 3companies, who would set up liaisons with oriental tantrists.   This is similar to the Air force pilots who introduced swinging to the United States in the 20th century.

American Swinging

Swinging in the US started in the Air Force during World War II, when the pilots moved their wives closer to the base.  The pilot fatality rate was pretty high at the time, so when one pilot died or was assumed dead, the wife would move on to his friend.  This swinging arrangement continued into the Korean War as well.  During the latter half of the 21st century, the internet connected more people to each other and the lifestyle.  Swinging may still be considered taboo, but as time pass, I will become more acceptable as it was in the past.