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Getting Creative as a Couple at Home – Tips for Some Hot Home Fun

As we find ourselves spending more quality time with our significant others, it’s important to carve out time to reconnect as a couple.

Finding new and erotic ways to keep our partners turned on and fulfilled is one way to take advantage of extra time together.

One way to add some spice to your relationship is by being creative with things that can be found at home.

From touching and teasing with hot and cold, to using sensual foods to heighten the senses, to using ties, tapes or other “household essentials” to add a touch of bondage. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Blindfold Foreplay: Blindfolds are simple, effective and erotic. Adding a blindfold to your play time will heighten every touch, taste, lick, or feeling experienced by your partner. You can stroke your partner’s toes, hands, back, stomach, legs, breasts, genitals and neck to arouse sexual desires. Everyday items like scarves or similar items can adequately cover the eyes to enable a more unique experience.

  • Take A Bath Together: Not just any regular bath — set the mood with candlelight and some soft music. Add a blindfold and something cold like ice cubes or ice cream to the mix. Clean your partner with the blindfold on, adding the ice cream to his/her lips and use your fingers and tongue to clean your partner’s ice cream-daubed mouth.

  • Add Tasty Foods To Your Foreplay: Add something extra to your sex routine by including delicious food items from the kitchen. Try honey, chocolate, strawberries, grapes or anything you can find to engage the taste buds. Keep away from chili and other irritating things that can spoil the mood. Adding a blindfold will keep your partner’s imagination running wild.

  • Try Restraints: If you don’t have a set of handcuffs laying around, use your imagination and get creative. A silk scarf can also be used to bond your partner’s hands or feet and hold them in place. Try role playing a scene from the movie Fifty Shades of Grey for added eroticism.

  • Pull Out The Sex Toys: Most lifestyle couples have their dildos, vibrators, Sybian machine and various other toys they can count on for some play time fun. Now’s a great time to get them back into your activities to make things more exciting.

Break the monotony and try some new ideas to inject more fun, adventure and intimacy into your sex life. It’s a great way to keep the bond strong between couples when regular house parties and other events aren’t an option.


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