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How Swingers Date in a Vanilla World


Despite more recognition, swinging is still far from being a mainstream activity. Luckily, the internet has made finding partners and clubs easier than ever. For swingers living in a vanilla world, these are the top ways people date and enjoy the lifestyle without worries!

Online Hookups

The internet provides the quickest and easiest way of meeting new partners or finding new clubs, but some cities are more active than others. Major cities and metro areas are likely to be filled with countless swinger profiles and ads, while rural areas lack connections. People of the lifestyle can visit a swingers websites where they provide dating services for swingers, and local parties or clubs with swinging events. Some events are not open to the public and you must become a member of a site or club to gain access. This may require an application or membership fee, but ensures that everyone stays safe and in control.

Local Clubs 

Depending on the liberalization of the city, there may be numerous monthly or even weekly swinging events. These can range from orgy-like hotel takeovers to more subdued meet and greets in local bars and cafes. Generally, people can find advertisements online, at the venue, or at local sex shops.

At the party, you can meet an assortment of people and learn about other nearby events as well. While meeting strangers face-to-face might seem intimidating at first, most swinging events start off like any other cocktail party. Even though these group events happen throughout the country, they’re more likely to occur in larger cities where people don’t have to worry about small-town gossip.

Online Kink Forums

The internet has made people more aware of kinkier lifestyles, and these lifestyles are even seeping into popular films and shows. Unfortunately, many still remain judgmental which causes people to keep their swinging a secret. Most swingers don’t share their lifestyle with their family or friends, but they may post endless details on online forums.

Whether it’s a kink-forum or a subreddit on Reddit or a secret group on Facebook, people want to share their lifestyle despite society’s apprehensions. Until swinging becomes fully mainstream and accepted, most swingers are wary about sharing their experiences to non-swingers without the veil of anonymity. Luckily, finding new parties or events is as simple as an online search, and swingers now have more options than ever to explore their sexuality and remain safe in the process.


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