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Getting Your Partner Interested in the Swingers LifeStyle

Swingers Lifestyle

There are many people in a marriage or relationship who would love to try the swinger’s lifestyle, or who are at least curious to find out more information about it. However, there is often a snag – their spouse or partner isn’t that keen on joining the lifestyle.

In fact, they may be horrified by the thought of seeing their partner being involved sexually with someone else. If this is the situation you find yourself in, don’t despair. There are many couples happily involved in the swinging lifestyle that started out with one of them being reluctant.

If you want to get your partner interested in swinging, the key is to realize that you can never talk them into it. Neither is it a good idea to try to coerce or trick them into trying it out in the hopes that once they do, they will like it. The only way to really succeed in the swinger’s lifestyle is when both partners are willing participants.

So your job is simply to get your partner interested – but how do you do that? It’s simpler than you might think! The real key is to lead your partner into expanding your sexual experiences together in a way that is very safe for them. After all, there are really only two reasons someone wouldn’t want to try swinging (at least once!). One is that they feel a bit insecure in their relationship and may fear the emotions of jealousy and envy. The other reason is that they don’t feel comfortable about expressing their sexuality in such an open way. These might be regarded as rather controversial statements but nevertheless, I have found them to be largely true.

Knowing this, you really only have two tasks. The first is to work on your own relationship to ensure your partner knows just how special they are to you. You want to make sure they know there is no possible way that you could ever consider anyone else to be more attractive than they are and that the swinging lifestyle will only enhance your relationship.

The other thing to do is to gradually expand the sexual experiences you and your partner share. It shouldn’t be anything too radical to start with, but it should be out of the comfort zone enough for it to be exciting.
By focusing on these two things in your relationship you might be surprised just how quickly your partner starts to show an interest in the swinging lifestyle. Just remember to keep the bond between the two of you tight since it’s one of the most important things in your relationship.



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